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The COVID-19 virus emphasizes once again the importance of investing in safety and prevention. Torfsconstruct is your ideal partner in this process.

The placing of safety fences with polycarbonate or plexi allows safe contact and proper functioning . Today we know this fences as corona shields, partition walls, mobile wall, hygiene screens, protective walls. All of them with the function to increase protection on locations like counters, refectory, offices, conference room,…
The protection fences already exist for applications in factories, for example fences for machines, protective caps, partitions, enclosures,…

The modular system of aluminum profiles Bosch Rexroth allows you to integrate your safety fence into the already existing structure. You can choose between different types of protection plates. All products are tailor-made, available in construction kit or placed on spot. Cutouts or custom adjustments can be foreseen.


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