In 1984 the one-man business shifted towards a private limited liability company (BVBA) named TORFSCONSTRUCT.

In 1988, Cyriel Torfs and his wife went into retirement and the leadership of the company was passed on to Dirk Oeyen and his wife Gerda Torfs.


It is almost unfeasible to provide an overview of activities of more than 45 years. We made a choice from our bulky photo album that can stand as an example of the opportunities.

An (incomplete) list gives you an impression of the large volume of projects…

  • 3D laser-assisted measuring device for measuring various tires
  • Liquid reservoirs + moulds for Rapid Prototyping
  • Different conveyor systems
  • Various monitoring and welding moulds
  • Pick and Place Systems
  • Different machinery for repairing carriages (TGV traction engine hub)
  • Different manipulation devices for wheel sets of trains
  • Fixtures for the alignment of cockpits
  • Multifunctional spot-welding installations
  • Calibers for painting car bumpers
  • Assembly fixtures for fuel tanks
  • Assembly fixtures for cockpits
  • Manipulators for various applications
  • Etc.


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